Strong Willed Child Mom's Support Community

Become less reactive and turn conflict into understanding & connecting. Wholehearted Parenting!

Are you struggling to find more peace and less upset in your home? 

When intense emotions and challenging behaviors take over, it’s hard to find the joy in parenting. 

We’re here to support each other live wholeheartedly, to transform conflict into connection. 

Join us !

The Strong Willed Child Mom's Support Community is a safe, supportive membership for parents to learn techniques that help soften the struggles and allow families to feel more peaceful, hopeful, and connected.

Uncover alternatives to angst and anger using tools based on The Gifts of Imperfection and The Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown and NonViolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. 



What to Expect / How it Works

When you join The Strong Willed Child Mom's Support  Community, each month you’ll get:

  • Live Sessions 

    • Connect and share your parenting struggles and successes in a supportive and judgment-free space. We take creating this safe space to be heard, built on trust and mutual agreements seriously.

    • You’ll meet fellow Mom's who understand what you’re going through, and leave feeling seen, heard and accepted; empowered to try a new approach. 

    • Group sessions run on Zoom via Mighty Networks, a platform that allows us to hold private group chats, make connections with one another, and keep everything together in one self-contained place. 

  • Weekly videos and educational articles 

    • Sharing lessons and ideas you can access and implement at any time for skill building, encouragement and support 
    • Each session explores a theme - such as anger, anxiety, emotional health or meltdowns - and walks through a framework you can use to approach these challenges in a proactive way. 

  • Filling your tank is a foundation for thriving while doing this work. We also share weekly suggestions and encouragement for infusing self-care into your daily routine. 


Break the Blow-Up Cycle

Once you have experienced the Strong Willed Child Mom's Support Community, you will find you can: 

  • Face defiant & disrespectful behavior with ease and clarity.

  • Stop old patterns of minimizing, fixing, rationalizing their emotions and learn to validate them instead.

  • Know your options when facing obstinance and resistance.

  • Shift from losing your cool to setting limits with care and building connection.

  • Make repairs after making mistakes so your relationship grows stronger.

  • Know how to work through an avalanche of anxious or negative thoughts.

  • Incorporate self-care into your days so you can keep going and giving.

  • Experience emotional wellbeing that will flow over to your kids.

About Allison

Allison Livingston has 15 years experience working with parents and schools to provide curriculum and both group and individual parenting coaching. She is a mother of 2 girls in Aptos, CA. She developed the 5 Steps To Connect Framework to survive living with her own intense, extremely strong willed child. She discovered the 5 essential skills so home life didn't have to be so hard with so many power struggles. Now she wants to share this with you.


Here’s what other parents are saying about the SWC Mom's Support Community:

"This Mom's Community is helping me stay connected with my values when I parent. I have a better understanding of myself and my kids. I found a community where, without fear, we can be honest about how we live our messy journey as parents." ~ Carole,  parent of 3

"After learning the 5 Steps to Connect framework, I feel more grounded and able to cope. I come from a family who "didn't do emotions" so I'd feel triggered when my children had them. I'd want to fix it or rationalize it away. Now I have skills and practices that work! What a difference it's made with my kids!" ~ Angela, twin boys

 "Prior to joining, my house was filled with aggression, defiance, back-talking, disrespect, and sibling rivalry.  NOW- I control MY response better, which in turn helps THEM get less defensive and recenter more quickly. Seeing how to shift MY ENERGY was a huge eye-opener that I am very grateful for. I really love 3 VITAL THINGS tips and scripts. I use these a million times a day and my kids respond well to them. I truly enjoy the feeling that I am really not alone and my kids aren't these terrible little people. We are in this together! I REALLY love our community!

~Steph, 2 boys 

"I would have given anything to have these skills sooner as a parent! I felt alone and like a failure. Like I was doing something wrong since my experience seemed so much harder and more intense than most parents I knew." ~ Jennifer, two boys 

I love having concrete tools to use and knowledge that emotions have a message for us and are necessary. Also to know that an "uncooperative" child is one who needs connection and an emotional release. This helps me not take it personally." ~ Wendy, 2 girls

"I love what I took away from The SWC Mom's Support Community... Each week I walked away feeling better with myself and with some great new idea to try at home. The ideas were easy to implement and most importantly as a parent, easy to remember! Best of all, I find more positivity in my family life with these practices." ~ Megan, 2 kids


Join Us!

This Mom's learning + support community is normally $49 per month, but for all who downloaded the Atlas of the Heart Summary, it will be 20% off or $39 / month!

Register below by Saturday, Dec. 11 to receive the Special Pricing 

$39.99 per month before it goes back to it's normal price of $49/mo. 

Low risk: You can cancel at any time if this isn't right for you. Most parents find it so valuable they tell their friends!

* Note: Membership is automatically billed monthly. You can cancel at any time.

Best Value: 1 year for $390.00 to save 20% off plus an additional 2 months FREE & a bonus of a 1:1 coaching session worth $250 to jump start your learning (Normally $588)


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We can’t wait to see you - and see change!

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