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The Real Peace Place

About the The Real Peace Community

Real Peace is a private community filled with support for parents struggling with their children's challenging behavior. Together we'll turn power struggles into peace. This community is for you if you have a child who:

  • Screams “No!” anytime you ask them to do something
  • Won’t sit still or follow directions
  • Regularly erupts in unstoppable -- even violent -- meltdowns
  • You feel like you’re walking on eggshells because you’re afraid of the next outburst.
  • Or that you can’t even go to the supermarket without a big blow-up and judgmental glares from strangers.

And it’s taken a toll on you. 

There may be days you hide in your room wishing you could just disappear for a while. And on top of all that, you feel like it’s your fault. If you were a better parent, you'd have this figured out by now.

You aren't alone in this struggle.

We've created The Real Peace Community to bring together parents desperate to get out of the power struggles and experience peace in their families so they can find out they're not alone. We support and learn from experts as well as from one another as we develop a growth mindset and learn emotional intelligence skills like the 5 Steps to Connect Framework that allow us to experience a deeper connection with our kids and more peace in our families. 

Real Peace is helping me stay connected with my values when I parent. I have a better understanding of myself and my kids. I found a community where, without fear, we can be honest about how we live our messy journey as parents.

~Carole, Soquel, CA parent of 3

We are coming together for a Big Purpose!

We bring together parents working with challenging behaviors and upset to learn how to transform intense, hard interactions into chances to grow and connect so we can feel more peace and joy in our families.

Imagine the families and world we could create by transforming misunderstandings, anger and conflicts into connection!

Benefits to joining: 

You'll learn to face challenging behaviors with clarity and ease. 

You'll understand the path to not blow up at your child...again.

You'll experience ways to make repairs after a blow up or power struggle so you connect and are closer than ever. 

Exploring these skills together allows things to be taken less personally.

You'll be able to set boundaries more clearly, that really work, plus how much this benefits your child. 

Our dream is for all parents to move from power struggles to peace.

When we come together and share our lived experience, shame loses its power and we feel enough, worthy. The results when we parent from here are miraculous.

"After learning the 5 Steps to Connect framework, I feel more grounded and able to cope. I come from a family who "didn't do emotions" so I'd feel triggered when my children had them. I'd want to fix it or rationalize it away.

I love having concrete tools to use and knowledge that emotions have a message for us and are necessary. Also to know that an "uncooperative" child is one who needs connection and an emotional release. This helps me not take it personally."

~ Jennnifer, Mom of 2 girls in Aptos,CA

What You Can Expect:

The Real Peace Place was founded by two parenting coaches and our community revolves around the needs of the members. We are creating a space where people feel safe showing up messy and real, in the trenches with their strong willed child and how it is effecting the whole family. In this space parents are supported and find the tools they need for creating more ease and connection with their child.

Here's how we're doing this: 

  • Each week Allison shares a short video or written piece with a skill or method you can practice to bring more ease and emotional well-being into your family. These are recorded ahead of time, you can watch them when it works for you and you'll find practical tips to try right away.

  • We also host a weekly live Check-in and Q&A call so you can be heard and ask about anything on your mind.

  • Most importantly we’re focused on building a safe and supportive non-judgmental community so you don’t have to do this alone.

"I love what I took away from The Real Peace Place... Each week I walked away feeling better with myself and with some great new idea to try at home. The ideas were easy to implement and most importantly as a parent, easy to remember! Best of all, I find more positivity in my family life with these practices."

~ Megan, Aptos CA Mom of 2 kids

The platform we’re using, Mighty Networks, is a private space that allows us to hold group chats, make connections with one another be able to keep everything neatly in one non-distracting place. 

You’ll meet fellow parents who understand what you’re going through and you'll be able to hear their stories, talk about stuff you're feeling, and generally encourage one another in parenting with courage and love.  

About Allison and Alissa

Allison Livingston is a teacher, coach and mother of 2 girls in Aptos CA. She developed the 5 Steps To Connect Framework to survive living with her own intense, extremely strong willed child. After discovering it didn't have to be so hard and with so much conflict. she wants to share this with you.

Alissa Zorn is a mom to three, coach and author of Bounceback Parenting: A Field Guide for Creating Connection Not Perfection. She enjoys working with people to develop shame resilience and emotional skills that allow them to form strong relationships and self compassion.

Join us!

We invite all to try this community and explore the fun of learning with others who are walking the same challenging path. You won't regret it!

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